The Inspiration Behind Cilantro Taco Grill

“Don Javi” (Javier Morfin 1932-2019) immigrated from Guadalajara, Jalisco to Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood with his wife, Alicia, and 11 children. He dreamed of a better life
and a more promising future for his family. Despite the difficult challenges he encountered throughout his immigrant experience, Don Javi always maintained an unshakable positive outlook on life. His resilient entrepreneurial spirit lives on through the Morfin family culture. Don Javi was a farmer who loved nature and had a keen passion for raising cattle on his farm in Knox, IN. In addition to his entrepreneurial tenacity, passion for farm life, and his tireless work ethic, Don Javi had a great sense of humor and a contagiously upbeat personality. He continues to be the unifying force for the Morfin family in all aspects of life and business. He is the inspiration behind all Cilantro Taco Grill locations, the Cilantro Tortilla Factory, and Don Javi shelf food products such as the Cilantro Famous House Salsa.

Cilantro Taco Grill was founded in Stone Park by Don Javi’s son, Temoc Morfin, in 2013. As of 2022, there are 12 restaurant locations and 1 tortilla factory. Each establishment is owned and operated by Don Javi’s sons, daughters, and grandchildren. Our goal is to provide customers of all walks of life with high quality, authentic Mexican food. In loving memory of our father Don Javi, and with the same inviting and welcoming spirit that he shared throughout his life, we welcome you to Cilantro Taco Grill.